Police Training

With increasing challenges of transnational crime such as terrorism and corruption, there is urgent need for concerted efforts to enhance the capacity of law enforcement agencies in every country. The police force is the most tasked with preventing and managing serious crimes that vary from kidnapping, peddling of narcotics, sectarian and ethnic violence, money laundering, cyber crime, to the rampant corruption cases particularly in emerging democracies. Even more challenging is training the police to appreciate modern methods of law enforcement. In some of the emerging democracies, the police still exhibit brutality and other human rights violations while carrying out their duties as protectors of citizens.

GS-I will consult or subcontract in organizing and facilitating training programs specifically in the African region. The training activities include leadership, management, and essential skills in conducting their respective duties. IGS-I will also facilitate programs that take the police to communities and interact with citizens to enhance mutual understanding and respect.